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Mechanism of action

An oral, direct and highly selective Factor Xa inhibitor

ELIQUIS® is a reversible, direct and highly selective active site inhibitor of factor Xa. ELIQUIS® inhibits free and clot-bound factor Xa, and prothrombinase activity. ELIQUIS® has no direct effects on platelet aggregation, but indirectly inhibits platelet aggregation induced by thrombin. By inhibiting factor Xa, ELIQUIS® prevents thrombin generation and thrombus development.1

  • Factor Xa is the primary site of amplification in the coagulation cascade2
  • ELIQUIS® binds reversibly to Factor Xa1
  • One factor Xa molecule leads to the formation of ~1000 thrombin molecules2

Coagulation pathway

Adapted from Eriksson et al. 20113
*TF = tissue factor

Risk Minimisation Materials

The Eliquis (apixaban) Prescriber Guide and Patient Alert Card are risk minimisation materials developed for all indications as an aid to prescribing, in particular they are aimed at increasing awareness about the potential risk of bleeding during treatment with apixaban and providing guidance on how to manage that risk. Printed copies of these educational materials may be obtained by contacting the Bristol-Myers Squibb Medical Information Department (telephone: 1800 749 749; e-mail: Alternatively, electronic copies can be accessed via the HPRA website at


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